Dermatology has always been closely associated with pharmaceutical compounding. In fact, this branch of medicine accounts for 70 percent of today’s compounding prescriptions. Not only the active pharmaceutical ingredients, but also the pharmaceutical vehicle plays an important role in the treatment of skin diseases. Individualised patient care is essential for effective treatment and patient compliance. Pharmaceutical compounding allows prescribers and pharmacists to deliver their patients tailor-made solutions for their unique situation. Throughout the world, dermatology prescribers and compounding pharmacists therefore work in close collaboration to offer individualised treatments that meet the specific skin care needs of patients.

Inspired by 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical compounding for dermatology and with expert knowledge of this specialism, Fagron has succeeded in creating a revolutionary new global standard for skin care. Fagron Advanced Derma is a total solution for the treatment of dermatological diseases and conditions and includes a range of skin-friendly vehicles for different skin types. It offers unique benefits based on the latest, international scientific knowledge within the area of dermatology. With Fagron Advanced Derma, your patients are guaranteed to receive the best advanced, individualised dermatological therapy and care.